Explore all the sections of the great event

Main Section __________

Large exhibition section dedicated to national and international galleries. The Main Section includes the most relevant galleries present in both the modern and contemporary art sectors.
The section includes also a group of original works designed by some of the top professionals in the Design community.

New Entries ___________

This section is dedicated to the emerging art of tomorrow, radically experimental, where new expressive languages are modeled alongside those of the new media.

Solo Show ___________

A fair may not be the ideal place to present a young or new artist. A stand focusing on a single project developed by one artist is a more effective and convincing strategy.

Meetings _____________

As a corollary of these activities, there will be a series of organized talks, round tables, as well as time and space allocated to create ideas, to share projects and to investigate objectives.

Public opening

THURSDAY 18th NOVEMBER 2021 FROM 11.00 TO 20.00

FRIDAY 19th NOVEMBER 2021 FROM 11.00 TO 20.00

SATHURDAY 20th NOVEMBER 2021 FROM 11.00 TO 20.00

SUNDAY 21st NOVEMBER 2021 FROM 11.00 TO 20.00


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